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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Salzburg Ticket Service Gesellschaft m.b.H ensures a careful handling of personal data and protects the rights of customers and business partners.

Confidentiality of personal data
All our employees who deal with personal information in the course of work, are committed to confidentiality and the proper handling of data processing systems.

Use of personal information
Every customer of our online shop explicitly agrees, that his company or personal data necessary for the transaction are electronically collected and processed. 

Personal data as well as credit card and ATM card information are SSL - Wirecard encrypted and secured transmitted, unreadable to third parties during transmission. Your data will be used only for processing the specific booking. A disclosure to third parties is excluded.

Salzburg Ticket Service Gesellschaft m.b.H will store and process this data exclusively for your individual service, the transmission of product information or for customized offers. ?Your data is processed confidentially according to the respective data protection regulations. You can object the usage of your personal data at any time.

Use of non-personal information
Every user of our website, whether customer or not, explicitly agrees, that the non-personal data, necessary for an accurate functioning of the site, are collected electronically and processed.?This data is stored in cookies (session cookies) ensuring the functioning of the online shop. These cookies are not personally identifiable: they identify the computer and not the user. The cookies are only necessary during a session and important for properly displaying all the information.

Salzburg Ticket Service Gesellschaft m.b.H commits itself not to evaluate these cookies. You can delete those cookies at any time after leaving the online shop, since they will be recreated if necessary in case you revisit the web site. You can object to the cookies in the browser; however, in this case the online shop may not function properly.

These data are used exclusively to ensure the functionality of the website especially the online shop. After leaving our domain, the data necessary for the shop are deleted residue-free.

Your Rights
Upon request, we are happy to notify you in writing, whether and which personal data has been saved. Should there be, despite our efforts of data integrity and up-to-datedness, inaccurate information saved, we will change it at your request. Your consent is a prerequisite for the use of your data. However, if you hereby no longer agree, please send us an informal e-mail, so we can block or delete your data.