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Die Zauberflöte - W. A. Mozart


The Magic Flute - W. A. Mozart

A German opera in two acts, K. 620 (1791) - Libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder
New Staging - Sung in German with German and English surtitles

Magic opera, Singspiel, a comedy with spectacular stage effects, Masonic ritual with Egyptian mysteries, heroic-­comic opera? Die Zauberflöte is heard more often and has been more frequently performed, discussed, queried and interrogated than almost any other work in the history of opera. It is rare for the mysteriousness and multiformity of a work to be adjured with such mantric intensity. It is equally rare for a work to enjoy such undisputed success despite all these debates — and for over 200 years at that.

Director Lydia Steier entrusts the plot to a narrator, with a grandfather reading Die Zauberflöte as a bed­ time story to his three grandsons. But reading aloud and listening also involves bringing one’s own past and world of experience into the story one is telling or listening to — and vice versa. In this way the ex­uberant fantasy of the Zauberflöte bursts into a strict, upper­class household where reverie has little space, taking the three young boys straight into the heart of the action. As the Three Boys they plunge into a world of fairy tale and dreams in which elements from the boys’ everyday life repeatedly show up in surreally enlarged dimensions. With the eyes of children they accompany and guide the protagon­ists through their destinies.

Die Zauberflöte also tells of changing time in which we live through stories of loss, love and separation, of menace from what we perceive as Other, and at the same time of its fascination, of fear and the over­coming of this fear.

Joana Mallwitz Conductor
Lydia Steier Director
Katharina Schlipf Sets
Ursula Kudrna Costumes
Olaf Freese Lighting
fettFilm Video
Ina Karr Dramaturgy

Tareq Nazmi Sarastro
Mauro Peter Tamino
Brenda Rae Queen of the Night
Regula Mühlemann Pamina
Ilse Eerens First Lady
Sophie Rennert Second Lady
Katarina Bradic Third Lady
Adam Plachetka Papageno
Maria Nazarova Papagena
Peter Tantsits Monostatos
Henning von Schulman Speaker / First Priest / Second Man in Armour
Simon Bode Second Priest / First Man in Armour
Roland Koch Grandfather
Wiener Sängerknaben Three Boys

Concert Association of the Vienna State Opera Chorus
Huw Rhys James Chorus Master
Vienna Philharmonic

August 3 - 29, 2020
Haus für Mozart

"The Magic Flute" only available in combination with another Summer Festival Performance: "Die Zauberflöte - Arrangements" 

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