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Don Pasquale - G. Donizetti


Don Pasquale - G. Donizetti

Dramma buffo in three acts (1843) - Reconstruction of the version for Pauline Viardot (Saint Petersburg 1845) - Libretto by Giovanni Ruffini und Gaetano Donizetti

Sung in Italian with German and English surtitles

Duration: app. 2 h 40 min

‘È finita!’ — ‘It’s over!’ — stammers Don Pasquale, his complete dejection captured by a bleak, broken­ winded melody in the violins. The modest, shy Sofronia, whom Dottor Malatesta has brought as a bride for the elderly bachelor, has turned out to be a spendthrift termagant before the ink is even dry on the marriage contract. And now she has dared to slap her husband! Pasquale has woken up from dreams of wedded bliss to marital hell. Admittedly, the wedding was somewhat hasty and in any case an act of defiance aimed at his nephew Ernesto, who is financially dependent on him. Since the latter refused point­blank to give up his lover, the impov­erished young widow Norina, and rejected the wealthy lady chosen for him by his uncle, Pasquale resolved to disinherit Ernesto by taking a wife him­self and siring a whole brood of heirs, and to throw him out of the house, thus depriving him of any possibility of founding a family.

Even the reworking of the libretto moves decisively away from the farce-like character of Pavesi’s work. But Donizetti goes much further: without weakening the situational comedy he creates out of the trad­itional comedic types psychologically differentiated, highly contradictory individuals who are also familiar with emotional vulnerability. The constantly chang­ing musical focus from amused detachment to em­pathy lends this comedy a pronounced melancholic aspect — ‘Laughter has no greater enemy than emotion’ wrote Henri Bergson. Thus the story of Don Pasquale, ganged up on by the other pro­tagonists, also becomes a reflection on old age between erotic needs and (imposed) resignation, and not least on the difficulties experienced by the different generations in encountering one another beyond preconceived ideas about how either should feel, act or behave.

Gianluca Capuano Conductor
Moshe Leiser, Patrice Caurier Direction
Christian Fenouillat Sets
Agostino Cavalca Costumes
Christophe Forey Lighting
Étienne Guiol Video
Beate Vollack Choreography
Christian Arseni Dramaturgy

Cecilia Bartoli Norina
Peter Kálmán Don Pasquale
Nicola Alaimo Dottor Malatesta
Javier Camarena Ernesto

Philharmonia Chor Wien
Walter Zeh Chorus Master
Les Musiciens du Prince-Monaco

August 9 - 18, 2020
Haus für Mozart

"Don Pasquale" only available in combination with another Summer Festival Performance: "Don Pasquale - Arrangements" 

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