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Káta Kabanová


Káta Kabanová - Leoš Janácek

Opera in three acts (1921)
Libretto by Leoš Janácek after Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky’s play The Storm (1859) in the Czech translation by Vincenc Cervinka

New production

Sung in Czech with German and English surtitles

‘I lived free like a bird’: Káta Kabanová confides wistfully to her sister-in-law Varvara how different her life used to be. She tells her how during mass at church she experienced celestial visions that moved her to tears, and how she had dreams of soaring high into the sky.

The luminous, increasingly ecstatic music to which Janácek sets Káta’s reminiscences reveals not only the figure’s rich interior life but also an irrepressible urge for freedom.

But since her marriage to Tichon the fire within Káta is at risk of being smothered entirely. The situation she lives in is claustrophobic. Home is ruled despotically by her mother-in-law Kabanicha, the widow of a merchant. Conscious of material dependencies and in the name of tradition and morals, she makes sure that the required subservience is shown by woman to husband and young to old.
Ground down by his mother’s constant carping, Tichon lacks the independence to be able to give his wife what she needs and seeks refuge in alcohol. When he departs on a journey for a few days, Varvara, who is aware of the mutual attraction between Káta and the unmarried Boris, arranges a first night-time tryst for them.

This uncaps all Káta’s pent-up emotions: behind the desperate intensity with which she gives herself to Boris erupt needs that go far beyond a yearning for fulfilled love or shared passion. To Káta, to go on living now seems more impossible than ever...

Jakub Hruša Conductor
Barrie Kosky Director

Jens Larsen Savjol Prokofjevic Dikoj
David Butt Philip Boris Grigorjevic
Evelyn Herlitzius Marfa Ignatevna Kabanová (Kabanicha)
Jaroslav Brezina Tichon Ivanyc Kabanov
Corinne Winters Katerina (Káta)
Benjamin Hulett Vána Kudrjáš
Jarmila Balážová Varvara
Michael Mofidian Kuligin
and others

Concert Association of the Vienna State Opera Chorus
Huw Rhys James Chorus Master

Vienna Philharmonic

August 7 - 29, 2022
Felsenreitschule Salzburg

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