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SchlossKonzert Mirabell 2020


SchlossKonzert Mirabell 2020

Experience the skill and dedication of soloists and ensembles channelling the spirit and the Salzburg music tradition of Mozart. Revel in a blissful experience at "Schloss Konzerte Mirabell" with enticing concert programs that promise an evening of culture and delight.

The Baroque Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace is considered to be one of the most beautiful and historically significant concert halls in Austria. In its glory days, the Mozart family performed here for Salzburg´s royalty.

category 1 (you will be seated) á € 40,-
students (-26): € 26,-
children (-14): € 15,-

category 2 (you will be seated) á € 34,-
students (-26): € 20,-  
children (-14): € 15,-