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Halbe Helden - Erin Jade Lange


DEAD ENDS - Erin Jade Lange

World premiere / Based on the eponymous book for young Readers / Ages 12 and up

A semi road movie with two semi heroes – this book for young readers by Erin Jade Lange sends two unlikely friends on an unusual journey.

Dane Washington, a bully with aggression issues, is not your typical hero. His good grades are the only reason why he hasn’t been kicked out of school yet. Just as he is about to be expelled anyway, his new neighbour Billy unexpectedly chooses Dane as his “protector”. He persuades the principal to let Dane stay in school if he promises to take care of Billy. But Billy really wants much more: he wants to learn how to fight and he wants to solve the mysterious clues in his dad’s atlas that might help find him. Even though the bully and the kid with Down syndrome have little in common, there is a lot they can learn from each other. Billy really gets through to Dane, because he approaches him so openly and is not afraid of his tough act, and Dane learns to take Billy as he is. They make a strong team, which is completed by Seely. The tomboy with her skateboard and her love of cars soon wins the boys’ hearts. Together they go on an adventurous journey – and none of them anticipates where it will lead them...

“Dead Ends” is a moving, profound and life-affirming story that encourages young people to tackle difficult issues and take a closer look at the world around them.

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