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Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl


A musical play for children / Ages 5 and up

Who is cheeky and very nimble and is forever playing tricks? It’s Pumuckl, of course! The kobold with the wild red hair and the mischievous glint in his eyes is one of the most popular children’s book characters in German-speaking countries. It is hard not to love the little fellow with his big heart and all his funny pranks.

Master Eder doesn’t know what’s been going on lately. His tools keep disappearing and things are falling to the floor all by themselves. He soon finds out that his carpentry workshop is being haunted by a little kobold, who finally becomes visible when he gets stuck on Master Eder’s pot of glue. Now Pumuckl must stay with him – it’s an old kobold rule! At first, neither of them is happy about it, especially because the little imp insists on playing all kinds of tricks on Master Eder’s clients, to whom he remains invisible. But eventually Master Eder and Pumuckl become quite fond of each other. With all his witty rhymes and songs, Pumuckl is great company, and even when he causes chaos, he mostly means well.

But Pumuckl soon yearns for the sea – which is home to his ancestors, the Klabauter kobolds – so he is overjoyed when Master Eder wins a journey on a ship in a prize draw. Together the two embark on a new adventure. During the trip Pumuckl finds new friends, has to face some big challenges and must finally make an important decision: will he lead a Klabauter’s life or will he stay with his friend Master Eder?

Salzburger Landestheater