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Zdenek Adamec - P. Handke


Zdenek Adamec - P. Handke
World Premiere

A Scene - In German with English surtitles ………………………

A group of people gather together. Without men­tioning age, gender, nationality or the size of the group, the author brings people together, as many ‘as this game of ours will need’. A conversation unfolds for no apparent reason and without a clear distinction between speaker and listener, but with a topic, a story: ‘When Zdenek Adamec, an 18-­year­-old from Humpolec in the Bohemian Highlands, burned himself on Wenceslas Square in Prague, it was a morning at the beginning of March.’

This his­torical event from 2003 becomes the central thread in a dense web of text containing questions and answers, suppositions and doubts, information and anecdotes. As the characters attempt to reconstruct the event in its political and historical context, a fictional psychogram emerges of the young Czech Zdenek Adamec, whose unsettling act was intended, quite literally, as a beacon to oppose what he per­ceived as the unbearable condition of the world. Somebody speaks and somebody responds, causing a small (possibly international?) grouping to form.
Zdenek Adamec however, is also a literary search expedition for the possibility of living, based on the example of an individual who tragically ran aground.

Peter Handke, one of the most powerfully eloquent authors writing today, adopts a playful tone in his latest play that subtly switches from seriousness to flippancy, from irony to pathos. The ending suggests an acceptance of that which can’t be reconciled in the world, a carefree and peaceful fortitude, which seems to gather its strength from the act of talking to one another, from language.

The premiere of Zdenek Adamec, his latest theatre text, will be staged by Friederike Heller, one of the most successful German-­speaking theatre directors of her generation. She was named emerging direct­or of the year in 2005 for her production of Peter Handke’s Untertagblues (Underground Blues) at the Burgtheater in Vienna and debuted at the Salz­burg Festival as a participant of the Young Directors Project 2006 with a production of Handke’s Die Unvernünftigen sterben aus (They are Dying Out). When directing plays by Handke and other authors, she has regularly made her mark with perceptive and unconventional interpretations.

Friederike Heller Director
Sabine Kohlstedt Sets
Ulrike Gutbrod Costumes
Peter Thiessen Music
Andrea Vilter Dramaturgy

With Matthias Brandt, André Kaczmarczyk, Eva Löbau, Sophie Semin, Barbara Sukowa and others

July 26 - August 6, 2020
Salzburger Landestheater

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