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Tanto ... Tango!


Tanto ... Tango!
An evening of tango

Sensuality, melancholy, excitement, passion: Tanto… Tango! So much… tango! No other dance expresses more awareness of life, no other dance has had greater success, from the streets to the dance halls, no other dance lets men and women meet on such an equal footing – without denying the battle the dancers are fighting among themselves.

Tango ballads are characterized by the bandoneon’s melancholic pull, their lyrics talk of loneliness, desire and life’s many reasons for losing your mind. Tango was born in the poorest quarters of Argentina and soon swept the capital Buenos Aires, which had unexpectedly bloomed into the most glamorous metropolis south of the equator. From there it became a global phenomenon. Tango is danced on patios and in courtyards, successful dance clubs emerge and in newly opened dance schools this “elegant” dance is developed into a ballroom dance – which (still) exudes a dangerous passion.

Reginaldo Oliveira and Flavio Salamanka

May 16, - June 11, 2020
Probenzentrum Aigen