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Der Freischütz


Der Freischütz - Carl Maria von Weber
Opera for Children / Ages 6 and up

What has been going on lately? Max is the best marksman of them all, but he suddenly keeps missing the target in shooting contests. Everybody is making fun of him. Has his luck deserted him? This couldn’t have come at a worse time. Max is desperate: Tomorrow, he will have only one shot and he must not miss, because – as tradition dictates – only if he hits the target will he be allowed to marry Agathe, the forester’s daughter. Max would give anything to make that shot and he is all ears when a hunter named Kaspar tells him about magic bullets that must be cast in the terrifying Wolf’s Glen at midnight. These bullets never miss their target. In his desperation, Max accompanies Kaspar to the Wolf’s Glen at night. And so begins a dangerous adventure...

Every child knows the fear of failing in a test or being laughed at by others. And who likes going into the woods at night? – Sometimes it can be very tempting to cheat and suddenly we start listening to the wrong people.

Presenting grand opera in a simple format: That is the aim of this production, which is performed at the Salzburger Kammerspiele with a pianist and members of the opera ensemble. The story is a great legend that has it all: an exciting fairy tale from long ago about friendship, courage, honesty and second chances – “Der Freischütz” retold as an entertaining , interactive and thrilling journey.

March 6, - April 19, 2020
Kammerspiele Salzburg