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Guter Drache & Böser Drache


Good Dragon & Bad Dragon - Christine Nöstlinger
Play for Children / Ages 5 and up

Real dragons are fire-spitting monsters that kidnap princesses and terrorise entire villages! You can’t be friends with such a dragon, right? Wrong! Florian even has two dragon friends. A good dragon and a bad dragon that live peacefully at the park and need not be feared nor fought. On the contrary, they help Florian wherever they can: Fighting furious girls called Lena on the playground, getting his mother to listen, making new friends – all these things become much easier with help from the dragons. Nobody else notices Florian’s dragon helpers, because they are invisible to anybody but himself. But it is not just the dragons that take care of the boy, he is there for them as well. When the dragons get scarlet fever, for instance, Florian rushes to their side and simply has to cancel his appointments with the hairdresser or with the doctor, who is supposed to give him a shot. After all, you need to invest into your dragon friendships. Whether they are scaring off enemies with dangerous flames or delighting their friends with shiny bubbles, the three of them face all of life’s little adventures together.

January 17, - February 28, 2020
Kammerspiele Salzburg