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Mysterien: Ein Salzburger großes Welttheater


Mysteries: A Great World Theatre in Salzburg
Theatre marathon

The city is buzzing. Spectators are flocking to the performance. The squares are bustling with merchants, people are laughing, eating and drinking. Throughout the performance the audience is following the plot with bated breath, feeling and suffering with the characters. In the Middle Ages, mystery plays would enthral entire cities. Hundreds of performers and spectators would meet at these festivals, which involved all members of the city community.

Following the example of Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s “Great World Theatre”, the Salzburg State Theatre revives this old tradition in a new interpretation. In the play by the co-founder of the Salzburg Festival, the “Creator” bids the character of the “World” to take the stage and present various motifs of fate. The structural arrangement of our “World Theatre” serves as a frame for four intertwined plot complexes, which all refer to the mystery of creation. Charles Darwin and the scruples he felt about having to deviate from the Bible with his theory of evolution are followed by the divinely beautiful sounds of Haydn’s oratorio “The Creation”, which are in turn offset by the bitter struggle between evolutionism and fundamentalist creationism, until the focus finally shifts to the meaning of creation and its finality.

March 21, - June 14, 2020
Salzburger Landestheater

On request reductions for children and students (< 26) possible!