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Ne me quitte pas - Dott singt Brel


Ne me quitte pas - Dott sings Brel

Le Grand Jacques Brel. His expressive recital was the hallmark of his performances. Today he is considered the epitome of French chansonniers, even though he was actually from Belgium. He observes society from the outside so as to see it better. His home is so close to his heart that he needs a lot of distance from it, so he exchanges his Belgian home for life in Paris, which is alien to him. His songs are snapshots that tell miniature dramas about the great themes of life: They talk of loneliness and bigotry, of hypocrisy and misery, of sailors and whores, of death – and love.

Jacques Brel leaves his parental home (and a secure future as a cardboard maker) to live in Paris. He struggles to make a living in clubs and writes songs that are filled with anger and desperation – and originally intended for other performers. He finally grabs his guitar and takes the stage himself, deciding to seize a unique opportunity to reach a large audience. And suddenly, he becomes a big star who fills large concert halls all over the world. His departure from the public sphere is just as surprising. Eventually, he retires to the Polynesian island of Hiva Oa, where he volunteers as a mail pilot.

Marco Dott combines Brel’s songs, which are full of anger, yearning, humour, love and Belgian-French esprit, with the extraordinary biography of this uncompromising artist to create an evening of pulsating entertainment.

February 6, - April 4, 2020
Kammerspiele Salzburg

On request reductions for children and students (< 26) possible!